Clover weeds taking over your lawn?

Clover weeds taking over your lawn? There are a few things that you can do in order to permanently take care of a clover problem. First, herbicides can be used to kill off existing weeds. In this area you have two options, a 3-step weed control only program or a 5-step fertilizer and weed control program . Most of the time our customers that go with weed control only are customers who live outside the city and don’t want to have to deal with mowing large areas but just want to kill off the weeds. The 5-step program is our main program that we offer and is 100% guaranteed. We apply fertilizer and weed control every 35-40 days to keep your lawn healthy and weed-free.  Applying both fertilizer and weed control is the best way to combat weeds as it kills existing weeds AND thickens up your lawn which leaves less open space for weeds to grow. Second, when you have an existing problem with clover, and many types of other weeds, your lawn usually has regions

Customer concern: My yard is lumpy, what can I do?

Customer concern: My yard is lumpy, what can I do?   Lets first identify the root of the concern. Is the lumpiness coming from an unevenness in the top soil or is it the appearance of the lawn as it grows?  Unevenness in the top soil: If the top soil is rough, is 'lumpy', or has dangerous ankle-bending holes, you have a couple options to work towards a smoother, safer lawn. First, you can add more black top soil in the low spots, packing it in, while seeding a few inches below and over the top of the soil to be added. The limitation to this method is the height of the grade around your house. You can only add soil to places that lie below the overall grade of your lawn. Add too much and you could cause issues with drainage. Usually with small holes and a few lumpy highs and lows, you can get it to a point where you have filled in the low spots without changing the grade. If you have kids or you just want to be able to walk freely within your yard with